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Trans-Delta Corporation Ltd (TDCL) is your gateway to success in Zambia. We’re a diversified powerhouse, a Zambian force with a global mindset, empowering businesses and communities across Africa since 1992.

Why Choose Trans-Delta?

  • Your Zambian Growth Partner: Our team boasts decades of experience navigating Zambia’s landscape, ensuring a smooth and successful journey for your business.
  • Beyond Local Expertise: Our global network unlocks world-class knowledge and resources, propelling you forward.
  • One-Stop Shop for Success: From real estate and agriculture to mining and hospitality, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions under one roof.
  • Sustainable Future, Together: We’re champions of clean energy, investing in wind and solar solutions for a brighter Zambia.

Vision: To be a leading force in unlocking Zambia’s full potential, driving sustainable economic growth and social progress.

Mission: To empower businesses and communities across Zambia by providing innovative solutions, fostering partnerships, and promoting responsible development.

Our Subsidiary Ecosystem

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Hotels, Lodges & Guest Houses

Experience Zambian hospitality at its finest. We acquire, develop, and operate exceptional hotels, resorts, and lodges, catering to both leisure and business travelers while upholding our core values.

Wings Air

Taking your business to new heights. Our recently established cargo airline provides efficient and reliable air cargo transportation within Zambia and beyond, connecting your business to global markets.

Trans Delta Energy

Building a sustainable future, together. We actively invest in wind and solar energy solutions, driving Zambia's transition towards a clean and secure energy landscape.

TransDelta Capital

Your one-stop shop for investment needs, fueling growth across TDCL ventures, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), and humanitarian initiatives in Africa.

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TransDelta Mobile

Gearing up for the future of transportation. We're actively acquiring auto dealerships, aiming to become a major player in Zambia's booming automotive sector.

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Trans Marketing

We ignite your vision! Transmarketing secures capital for TDCL ventures, PPPs, private businesses, and impactful humanitarian efforts across Africa.

What we offer

Trans-Delta Corporation Ltd: A Comprehensive Range of Services for Your Zambian Success

Trans-Delta Corporation Ltd (TDCL) goes beyond being a traditional company. We’re a diversified powerhouse offering a comprehensive range of services to empower your business and propel Zambia’s growth. Here’s a breakdown of the key sectors we specialize in

real estate

Real Estate

Our legacy lies in real estate, and we continue to provide expertise in this domain. We can assist with property development, management, and investment opportunities.

Agriculture & Aquaculture

We're deeply invested in Zambia's agricultural potential. We offer solutions that support this vital sector, such as providing access to cutting-edge farming technologies and establishing efficient distribution channels.

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Experience unparalleled Zambian hospitality with Transdelta Hotels, Resorts & Lodges. We cater to both leisure and business travelers, offering luxurious accommodations, exceptional service, and a true taste of Zambian culture.


We understand the significance of mining in Zambia's economy. Trans-Delta offers a range of services to support this industry, including logistics management, equipment procurement, and expertise in navigating regulatory frameworks.

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From infrastructure development to commercial projects, Trans-Delta's construction expertise can contribute to building a stronger Zambia. We utilize innovative technologies and a commitment to quality to deliver projects on time and within budget.


Capital Financing

Accessing the financial resources you need can be a hurdle. Transdelta Capital, our dedicated financial arm, connects businesses with the capital they need to thrive. We can help you secure funding for expansion, acquisitions, or new ventures.

Trade Facilitation

We believe in fostering a vibrant commercial environment in Zambia. Trans-Delta facilitates trade activities by connecting businesses with potential partners, streamlining logistics, and navigating international trade regulations.



We're setting our sights on the future, aiming to become a major player in the ever-evolving ICT and electronics sectors. Trans-Delta is committed to providing innovative solutions that bridge the digital divide and empower Zambian businesses to compete on a global scale.

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Food & Commodities

We're committed to supporting a secure and efficient food supply chain within Zambia. We offer solutions that connect farmers with markets, minimize food waste, and ensure access to essential food commodities for all Zambians.

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