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Wings Air

The Main task of Wings Air Cargo is to transport air cargo from the shipper to the consignee in a  systematic and harmonized manner. Wings Air Cargo is part of of the cargo supply chain with industry endorsed standard end to end process of air cargo transportation.


To be the dominant leaders in our fields of business endeavor by employing the best practices through provision of the quality goods and services to foment lasting mutually beneficial relationships


We will effectively and efficiently provide the best solutions for our clients through a dedicated, well-trained and highly motivated cadre of staff while upholding the strictest standards of integrity and professionalism.

About US

Wings Air Cargo is a newly formed cargo airline with the head office in Lusaka, Zambia and is part of the Trans-Delta Corporation group of companies. Wings Air Cargo is  owned and managed by a team of highly competent and experienced professionals in the Airline industry.

The Advantages of using Wings air Cargo is that it is owned and managed by a team of highly competent and experienced professionals, not only in the airline industry but in the management of successful businesses.

Wings Air Charter will carter for those who want to rent or charter an entire aircraft and want to determine departure and arrival locations and times. The management will have to understand that charter flights are  particularly convenient when one needs to travel to a place where scheduled airline service may require multiple connections or layovers before one reaches the destination.

After the launch of  air cargo airline, Wings Airlines will be launched whose main strategy will be to become one of the best airlines in Africa in terms of performance and reliability, that should appeal to all passengers, whether traveling for leisure or business.


Wings Air Cargo is scheduled to transport Floricultural and horticulture products to South Africa, UK, Netherlands, and Germany. Wings Air Cargo will also carry poultry products to SADC and COMESA markets, processed foods to DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Angola, Malawi and South Africa. It will carry textile and leather products to Singapore, DR Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, wood products to China, South Africa, DR Congo, Congo Republic, Engineering and Machinery products to South Africa, Kenya, UAE. Wings Air Cargo is scheduled to carry non-metalic minerals and gemstones to singerpore, India, China, South Africa and Israel.

Boeing 737-800F

Wings Air Cargo has selected the Boeing 737-800F cargo aircraft as the flagship airline due its superiority in cargo payload and trip costs.

The Boeing 737-800F  has  

  • Maximum Payload of 45,787 lb (20,768 kg)
  • MTOW: 174,200 lb (79,000 kg)
  • Total Cargo Volume: 6,540 ft³ (185.2 m³)
  • Main Deck: 4,997 ft³ (141.5 m³)
  • Lower Hold: 1,543 ft³ (43.7 m³)
  • Pallets: 11 (88″ x 125″); 1 (62″ x 88″)
  • Height: 41 ft 2 in (12.54 m)
  • Length: 124 ft 9 in (38 m)
  • Wingspan: 117 ft 5 in (35.8 m)

Visit the manufacturer’s website for the official brochure:

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